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Size Guide

We have made our size guide very simple. Sizing is based on Australian standard sizing. Clothing should fit true to baby/toddler/child's age, unless you want a more cozy or baggy fit. If so, we suggest going up or down a size.


E.g. an 8 month old baby should wear size 6-12 months A 4 year old child should be able to wear size 4.


We recommend sizing up when purchasing the Bamboo Hangout Shorts as they run slightly small, due to their style. Our Adult Everyday Tee is standard unisex sizing.


Here are the junior sizes:




0-3m                    0 to 3 months of age

3-6m                    3 to 6 months of age

9-12m                  9 to 12 months of age




1T                          12 to 24 months

2T                          24 months to 36 months



2                            2-3 year olds

3                            3-4 year olds

4                            4-5 year olds

5                            5-6 year olds

6                            6-7 year olds

7                            7-8 year olds

8                            8-9 year olds

10                         10-12 year olds

12                         12-14 year olds

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