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Tagless clothing for sensitive and on-the-spectrum toddlers

We have all been there – it’s 7:00 am, you’re trying to get everyone out the door, and your little one is having a meltdown over their clothes. The seams are scratchy, the tags are itchy, and suddenly, getting dressed turns into an emotional rollercoaster.


For parents of children with sensitive skin or those on the autism spectrum, this situation isn’t just an occasional hiccup – it’s often a daily struggle.

Tagless clothing for spectrum toddlers

Mornings can be extremely challenging for parents of children with sensory issues. The rush to get ready for school or daycare, juggling breakfast and packing lunches, is stressful enough, and its heart-wrenching to see your child distressed over something as simple as getting dressed. This scenario that can leave even the most patient parent feeling frustrated and helpless, wondering if there’s a better way to start the day.

The Problem

For many children, particularly those with sensory sensitivities or autism, standard clothing can be a source of constant irritation. Tags scratch, seams rub, and certain fabrics feel downright unbearable against their skin. What might seem like a minor annoyance to us can be overwhelming for them, leading to discomfort, anxiety, and sometimes behavioural issues that can escalate without warning.

Think about it - how would you feel if you had to wear something that constantly prickled your skin or felt like sandpaper against your body? Now, imagine that sensation amplified tenfold. Unfortunately, that is the reality for some of our little ones.

The impact goes beyond just physical discomfort. When children are constantly distracted by irritating clothing, it can affect their ability to concentrate at kindy or school, engage in play, and even sleep peacefully at night. As parents, we want our kids to be comfortable, confident, and able to focus on the important things - like learning, growing, and having fun. But when every outfit becomes a potential battleground, it can feel like an uphill struggle to provide that comfort and confidence.

Do clothing tags hurt autistic kids

The Solution

There is an understanding amongst children’s medical professionals and behavioural analysts that parents can adopt some simple solutions to support children experiencing sensory clothing issues (reference). This is backed up by Autism Horizon (reference) who offer a range of great tips for dressing sensitive and on-the-spectrum kids.


Something as simple as ‘tagless’ clothing can make mornings in your house so much smoother. Baby Todd & Co specialises in clothing designed with your children’s needs in mind. Our tagless range includes everything from basics for babies to lazy pants and shorts for all ages – and even adult tees, ideal for growing teenagers.

We have provided all the traditional tags in a small recyclable envelope (or hangtag) conveniently pinned to each item, so the inside of our clothes are completely tag-free. No more scratchy labels to cut out or worry about.

Soft, Breathable Fabrics

We use high-quality bamboo and cotton fabrics, blended with super stretchy spandex for really generous flexibility that are gentle on even the most sensitive skin. These materials are not only soft but also breathable, helping to regulate body temperature.

Thoughtful Manufacture

Seams are carefully placed and finished to minimise irritation. The overall design prioritises wearing comfort without sacrificing style.

Versatile Options

From tagless infant clothing, tagless basics for toddlers and tagless shirts for kids and adults, we offer a wide range of options suitable for different ages and needs.

Unisex Styles

Apart from the Girl’s Tee Dresses, all our other pieces are designed to be unisex, making them perfect for hand-me-downs or sharing between siblings.

Tagless clothes for autistic kids

The Benefits of Tagless Kids Clothing

Making the switch to tagless clothing can have a deep impact on your toddler’s daily life. Clothes without tags and scratchy seams significantly reduce sensory overload, so your little one can focus on their day rather than their discomfort. Mornings become easier as getting dressed becomes less of a battle when clothes feel good against the skin. And there’s also a boost in confidence; when kids feel at ease in their clothes, they’re more likely to engage fully in activities and express themselves freely.


Additionally, the versatility of tagless bamboo and cotton clothes for toddlers makes them perfect for both day and night wear, simplifying your routine as a parent.

A Call to Comfort

If you’re tired of clothing battles and want to see your toddler comfortable and confident, give Baby Todd & Co a try. Our website offers a variety of tagless clothing options: you’re sure to find something that works for your little one.

Say goodbye to morning struggles with your toddler. Visit Baby Todd & Co’s website today to explore our range of tagless clothing and give your child the freedom to focus on what really matters: having fun being a kid.


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